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  • One-component acrylic sealant Adhesive acrylic sealant for interiors. It creates a plastic-elastic, slightly sticky transparent joint with excellent adhesion to masonry, wood, aluminum, polystyrene, PVC.Flexible flat or point bonding of tiles, covering or decorative elements on porous building materials. Unsuitable for outdoor use. Packaging: 310 ml... One-component acrylic sealant...

  • One-component acrylic sealant PROFI acrylic sealant for bonding and sealing mainly in the building industry. It creates paintable seals with excellent adhesion to building materials.Sealing of expansion joints in the interior and exterior, flexible bonding of different building materials, bonding of absorbent surfaces. Packaging: 310 ml cartridge, 600 ml... One-component acrylic sealant PROFI...

  • One-component acrylic sealant Sealing compound contain coarse-grained fillers and has excellent adhesion to building materials. It creates a plastic-elastic paintable joint with a resulting stucco structure.Sealing of internal joining and corner construction joints with connection to stucco surfaces, repair of cracks in plaster. Packaging: 310 ml cartridge One-component acrylic sealant Sealing...

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