Akrotmel S1

One-component acrylic sealant

PROFI acrylic sealant for bonding and sealing mainly in the building industry. It creates paintable seals with excellent adhesion to building materials, woods, aluminum, polystyrene.
Sealing of expansion joints in the interior and exterior, flexible bonding of different building materials, repair of cracks, bonding of absorbent surfaces.

Packaging: 310 ml cartridge

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Appearance non-flowing pastes form plastic-elastic joints or seals after drying
Drying of the surface layer 15 min
Drying in depth 1 / 3 / 7 days 1.8 / 2 / 2.8 mm
Strength 0.33 MPa
Elongation 360 %
Thermal resistance - 25 to + 80 °C

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Data sheets

Technical Data Sheet: Akrotmel S - summary

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