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Lukopren N 8100

Balení Barva
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LUKOPREN N 8100 is a rubber paste of enhanced viscosity. Its blending with a catalyst Lukopren Catalyst 8A (3% wt.) produces a silicone rubber with high-strength and tear strength. Lukopren N 8100 suitable for the manufacturing of heavy-duty moulds requiring very high mechanical and chemical resistance. Thus, it finds convenient applications not only in the casting of cast epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins, but also in wherever common low-strength two-component silicone rubbers are not suitable or provide only a short service life (castings made from gypsum, concrete, polyester resins, etc.). Lukopren N 8100 also facilitates the preparation of “stripping” moulds and the manufacturing of high-resistance rubber parts.



Technological procedure Lukopren N

Colour: green
Packaging: pile 5 kg, carton (paste 900 g + 40 g of Lukopren Catalyst 8A + pipette)                

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