Lukopren S 8280

All-purpose, neutral sealant; suitable, for instance, for the sealing of joints in external cladding, of joints between installation objects, for the sealing of pane glass in frames and designed for joints exposed to high dynamic stress. A binding agent has to be used when sealing porous silicate bases.
As per decrees by the Health Ministry of the Czech Republic, Lukopren S 8280 can be used in direct contact with foodstuffs and meals.

Brochure - Summary

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Colour: light gray 17, gray 25,
oak 26, mahogany 27, ochre 28, ivory 29, 
brown 31, blue 32, transparent 33, beige 34, 
cherry 35, stainless 36, silver 37, black 38, white - sheeny 39,
white - matt 40

Packaging: hoses 600 ml, cartridge 310 ml